Long-term friends and neighbors Andi, Caio and Sandro always played together in different bands since the late 90s. In December 2012, they decided to start an unpretentious project in which they could write songs like the ones they always liked to hear (especially the 90s and 00s alternative rock).
After two rehearsals, they decided it would be important to have a second guitar in the hands of someone with similar influences, but with a different style than Andi’s. Rodrigo, a colleague of Sandro at UFSC university, was invited. There was an instantaneous rapport from the very first rehearsal, so we all felt the lineup was finally complete.
The excitement about the musical possibilities and the kind of absence of similar bands in the local scene turned that initial unpretentiousness into a desire to move the project forward. Since such stable formation was established – which has so far never changed-, the compositions began to emerge and lots of shows started happening.
To date, we shared the stage with some local and visiting bands, namely:

  • Nebula Dogs;
  • Lisabi (SP);
  • Caddywhompus (New Orleans, USA);
  • Water Rats (SP);
  • Loudog (PR);
  • End Of Pipe;
  • Running Like Lions (SP);
  • Estteio (SP);
  • Abraskadabra (PR);
  • Lugh! (RS)
  • Goldenzillas;
  • Ciudad Cae;
  • Fundo do Poço;
  • Balcony;
  • Giu One Man Band;
  • Outros Trastes.